Celebrities, they’re just like us! And there are quite a few of them who live with diabetes. Let’s check out who they are.

Type-1 Diabetes

Type-1 diabetes, which used to be referred to as juvenile diabetes, is much less common than type-2 diabetes affecting only about 5% of individuals.  With type-1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin and the body's immune system attacks the pancreas.  So which celebrities have been living with type-1 diabetes?

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has been pretty vocal about his type-1 diabetes since he announced he had it in 2007. Jonas has said that when he was diagnosed he was hospitalized, as his blood sugar was over 700! A normal blood sugar level is 70 to 120.

Jay Cutler

We all know Jay Cutler from the Chicago Bears…or maybe for him being Kristin Cavallari’s husband but he was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes in 2008. He had dropped an extreme amount of weight (35 pounds) and had no energy. He wears an insulin pump and has been said his condition is “manageable.” Diabetes isn’t going to keep him benched for the season.

Bret Michaels

Possibly one of the most well known type-1 diabetics is Bret Michaels. He was diagnosed at the age of 6 and has been managing his condition ever since. We’ve publically seen his struggles with diabetes on television, such as an episode on his “Love of Rock” show or the brain hemorrhage he suffered with filming The Celebrity Apprentice. He won the show and donated his award money to the American Diabetes Association.

Mary Tyler Moore

America’s sweetheart was diagnosed when she was 30; a little later than many individuals find out they have type-1. She found out she had diabetes after a miscarriage had her in the hospital and her blood sugar levels came back at 750! She has been on insulin ever since and has been one of the more vocal celebrities to talk about the condition. In fact she serves as the international chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Vanessa Williams

Williams has been vocal about her diabetes, and has authored a children’s diabetes book titled Healthy Child. She’s controls her diabetes with healthy eating and exercise.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is a special case.  I'm not really sure where to place her.  She has talked about how with a healthier diet she was able to cure her type-1 diabetes and ween herself off of insulin.  We all know type-1 has no cure at this time so props to her for the lifestyle change, but we wouldn't go recommending you try whatever it is she claims to have done.

Type-2 Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is much more common than type-1 and is often left undiagnosed.  The difference between type-1 and type-2 is that, with type-2 diabetes, the body produces insulin, it just doesn't use it properly.  To counteract this, your pancreas begins overproducing insulin, but can't keep up, so eventually you have insulin deficiency.  This is why type-2 can be easier to manage with diet and exercise than type-1.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks talked about his diagnosis with David Letterman, saying how his doctor hold him he has “graduated” from those high blood sugar levels he’s had since he was 36 years old, and he now has type-2 diabetes.

Larry King

We all know diabetes makes a person more susceptible to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and other life altering health issues. King had a bypass heart surgery and was a heavy smoker, but after he quit smoking and had his heart surgery, he has said his type-2 diabetes is “definitely controllable.”

Paula Deen

Deen announced in 2012 that she was living with type-2 diabetes, but had been diagnosed a few years earlier. She told the public the reason she came forward about her diabetes is she wanted “to let the world know that [diabetes] is not a death sentence.”

Delta Burke

The 80s sitcom star has struggled with her weight which may have triggered her type-2 diabetes. She told Diabetic Living that, “There are so many things you have to watch. It’s a lot of searching and it can be tedious, but you just have to stick with it.” And that’s one of the best statements concerning diabetes. While it may never be a picnic to live with and it might take work, it’s manageable.

Drew Carey

Drew Carey famously shed 80 pounds and then announced, “I’m not diabetic anymore. No medication needed.” He did this with diet and physical activity, cutting carbs and going to the gym. If that’s not a fantastic type-2 diabetes story, then we don’t know what is.

Sherri Shepherd

We all know her from The View, but Sherri Shepherd said it was difficult to give up her pasta rich diet after she was diagnosed, but she found a way. She exchanged pasta for veggies and cut out fried foods and white bread. With these changes and exercise, she’s able to control her diabetes, drop weight, and feel better.

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson announced his type-2 diabetes in 2001 before his gastric bypass. Unfortunately, being overweight increased the changes of type-2 developing. Jackson underwent a gastric bypass and began exercising regularly to help him manage his diabetes.

Patti LaBelle

LaBelle found out she was living with type-2 diabetes in possibly the scariest was ever. She passed out on stage and when the doctor came to tell her what was wrong, asked if she knew she was a type-2 diabetic. While diabetes ran in her family, she had no idea she was living with the condition. She’s adopted a healthier lifestyle, written cookbooks and has coined the term “divabetic” to describe herself.

Paul Sorvino

Sorvino had been feeling thirsty and tired for months before finally receiving his diagnosis of type-2 diabetes. After finding this out in 2006 his famous daughter, Mira Sorvino, got involved to encourage a healthier lifestyle not only for him, but others in the world living with diabetes. He now has his condition under control thanks to diet, exercise, and insulin injections.

Mike Huckabee

We all know him for his political stances but in 2004 Huckabee shed 105 pounds to help get his type-2 diabetes under control. He woke up one morning with a tingly and numb arm and decided to cut his 3,000 calorie diet to 1,600. Now he has completed multiple marathons and according to him, reversed all signs of his diabetes.

Dick Clark

Dick Clark announced in 2004 that he had been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes 10 years earlier. He went public as a paid spokesperson for the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Unfortunately, Clark had a stroke in late 2004, a common occurrence for those with diabetes and took time away from the spotlight. He came back, but not without noticeable differences caused by his stroke, and in 2012 after heart surgery, he died of a heart attack.

Chaka Khan

Khan was diagnosed with type-2 in 2011. After she adopted her granddaughter, she knew she needed to get healthy for her and herself. She lost 60 pounds following a nearly vegan lifestyle and a liquid diet to kick start it. She now has control over her condition.

B.B. King

The blues legend was diagnosed with diabetes over 30 years ago. He was all too familiar with the complications of diabetes, having watched both his parents suffer with the disease when he was younger. He keeps his health in check by checking is blood sugar, sticking to a healthy diet and limiting high fats and refined sugar. He’s even a spokesperson for LifeScan blood glucose monitoring products.

Tommy Lee

Add another rocker to the list of those living with diabetes. You wouldn’t immediately connect Lee with diabetes, as he always seems to have more energy to go around and isn’t as vocal as other celebrities with the condition, and instead throws his support behind animal rights groups.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes doesn't mean you had diabetes previous to pregnancy, nor does it mean you will have it after you give birth.  This condition usually crops up around the 24-28 week of pregnancy and it's important that all women get checked for it.  It's important to follow your doctors directions while pregnant to make sure that you and your baby have a healthy pregnancy.

Salma Hayek

The foreign beauty has a history of diabetes in her family and she developed gestational diabetes, which happens during pregnancy. Doctors recommend all women get checked for gestational pregnancy when they are 24-28 weeks pregnant. This type of diabetes usually goes away after the birth of the child, but can come back during a later pregnancy.