Diabetics know that the limited selection of diabetic candy on the market isn’t always as appetizing as one would hope… Luckily, at Amber Lyn we’ve spent almost 20 years perfecting the art of becoming the premier choice of diabetic candy brands!

Our commitment to making great candy isn’t just about flavor; it’s also about your health. We founded Amber Lyn based on our deeply rooted love of chocolate and our dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle. All of our diabetic candy is made with only natural ingredients and contains none of the artificial sweeteners, oils, or waxes you would find in our competitor’s products.

We sweeten our diabetic candy with a natural sweetener called maltitol. It’s a member of the family of sweeteners known as sugar alcohols and is just about as sweet as sugar with fewer calories and carbs. What makes our particular maltitol so special is that we source ours from wheat rather than corn. This may reduce the slight laxative effect caused by excessive consumption.

At Amber Lyn we know that candy lovers come with cravings of all flavors so we offer a selection of diabetic candy with something for everyone! Kids love our classic gummy bears, butterflies, fish, worms, and peach rings! Dark and milk chocoholics rave about our variety of flavor pairings in chocolate bars, bites, and truffles! And for the culinary geniuses we also feature diabetic friendly baking chocolate chunks.

Amber Lyn diabetic candy was made to bring a little joy to your life and it’s perfect for sharing. All of our candy is also gluten free and great for anyone monitoring their sugar or carb intake. The next time you’re hosting or attending a special occasion, bring along some Amber Lyn treats. They’re so unbelievably delicious everyone will fall in love at first bite!