For those with type 2 diabetes candy might come with a love/hate relationship. Even if you prefer savory foods to sweet, everyone has a sweet tooth every once in a while. And what happens to someone with type 2 diabetes when they get a craving for candy?

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and happens when the body is unable to use the insulin produced as well as it should. Doctors call this insulin resistance. When this happens the pancreas makes more insulin to help get glucose into the cells. Unfortunately, it’s unable to keep up with this and the sugar builds up in the blood instead.

When you eat candy, it spikes your blood sugar even higher. Glucose acts as fuel for the cells in your body however, too much glucose can start behaving like a slow-acting poison. When blood sugar levels are high it begins to slowly erode the cells ability to make insulin. The pancreas tries to overcompensate by producing too much insulin, which causes permanent damage.

What happens to those with type 2 diabetes that love candy? Spiking blood sugar levels isn’t ideal. So grab candy that type 2 diabetics can eat without worry. Amber Lyn has a full line of sugar free and no sugar added candy that won’t spike your blood sugar.

Amber Lyn’s sugar free candy includes a full line of chocolates from bars to bites, and truffles to chocolate covered almonds. Not only is Amber Lyn famous for their sugar free chocolate, but their newest introductions to their diabetic friendly candy includes sugar free caramels and five different sugar free gummi options.

We truly believe that those with type 2 diabetes can still enjoy the best quality and best tasting candy. Just because your candy is sugar free doesn’t mean it has to taste bland or bitter.

To those with type 2 diabetes, candy doesn’t have to be a rare treat anymore.