Chocolate cravings can now be satisfied guilt free! Amber Lyn Chocolates exclusively features deliciously indulgent chocolate truffles which can be enjoyed by everyone. These velvety smooth delights are sugar-free or no sugar added, low net carb, low calorie, gluten free, and diabetic friendly. Upon your first encounter you’ll be in love at first bite!

We chose to start our journey as chocolatiers because we believed that leading a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t have to exclude our love of chocolate. For those who have dietary restrictions, both mandatory and voluntarily finding a great tasting treat was like finding a needle in a hay stack. We knew that if we wanted a healthy chocolate choice, it was up to us to make it happen.

Starting with the highest quality Belgian chocolate we’ve perfected the art of chocolate truffle creation. Our recipes are 100% health conscious. There are no fillers, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners in any of our products. We sweeten our chocolates with the natural sweetener Maltitol. It’s a low calorie reduced carbohydrate sweetener with 90% of the sweetness of sugar.

Our selection of chocolate truffles includes something for everyone! Featured in flavor combinations of both milk and dark chocolate, our truffle flavors include mint, orange, coconut, and double chocolate. Whether you only love one flavor or prefer a variety, Amber Lyn truffles are available in both individual flavors and assortments.

Perfectly packaged to be a treat on the go or for sharing with guests when you’re hosting a gathering, our chocolate truffles are individually wrapped. When you crave a little something chocolate without the guilt of deviating from your healthy diet, enjoy an Amber Lyn chocolate truffle. You can be confident that our love of chocolate and commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle is as important to us as it is to you.