Do you remember the first time you had chocolate? Probably not. Chocolate is something that has become a part of nearly everyone’s childhood.

While you might not have memories of your first chocolate experience, you probably can conjure up some nostalgic memories of chocolate. Making hot cocoa with your family during the winter, opening golden wrapped chocolate bars, drizzling chocolate sauce on top of your ice cream.

While you may not remember the first time you had chocolate, you might remember the first time you had good quality gourmet chocolate. And I bet it was life changing. The next time you ate a cheap chocolate bar you were probably disappointed and wished you had the quality gourmet chocolate instead.

What about the first time you tried sugar free chocolate? Was it waxy? Tasteless? Bitter? We hear this a lot from skeptics who are wary to try our sugar free chocolate. But we promise, we our chocolate is not only sugar free, but it’s quality sugar free gourmet chocolate. You won’t find a better sugar free chocolate on the market.

Our sugar free gourmet chocolate is the best because we only use the best ingredients. We know how disappointing a bad piece of chocolate can be, and we never want you to have that experience with our sugar free chocolate. We want every bite to bring you back to those happy, comforting moments of childhood or those decadent desserts you dream about at night.

We use the highest quality cocoa beans and maltitol (a diabetic friendly sweetener) to create the best sugar free gourmet chocolate available. Our gourmet chocolate comes in sugar free dark, and no sugar added milk.

Experience comfort and quality with our chocolate bars, bites, truffles, baking chocolate, chocolate covered almonds, or pretzels. We guarantee you’ll love our sugar free gourmet chocolate or we’ll give you your money back.

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