Amber Lyn chocolate is the best diabetic chocolate for two of your “buds.” Your taste buds and your budget that is.

Amber Lyn chocolate is the best diabetic chocolate because it’s low net carb and wont spike your blood sugar levels. Our dark chocolate is all sugar free and our milk chocolate is no sugar added.

At this point, you’re probably imagining a really bland bitter version of a cheap chocolate bar that you might find at a dollar store. If that’s what you’re imagining, you’re in for a treat; a chocolate treat that is. Our chocolate is made from the finest quality Belgian chocolate beans; and our chocolate is sweetened with a sugar alcohol called maltitol. Maltitol has 90% the sweetness of sugar, and like everything else, perfectly fine to ingest in moderation.

The mixture of Belgian chocolate and maltitol gives our chocolate an amazingly creamy, rich texture and taste. It really is the best diabetic chocolate on the market, but don’t worry, our chocolate is available to everyone. Anyone looking to watch his or her sugar intake or those living a low net carb intake can enjoy our chocolate any time they want, not just on cheat days.

And while you’re busy not breaking your diet you can not break your bank while you’re at it. Not only do we have the best diabetic chocolate around, it’s also cost efficient and ships to the contiguous 48 states. A quick search on Amazon shows that most diabetic chocolate costs over $10 for just one or two bars of chocolate!

You don’t have to dip into your saving to enjoy some quality diabetic chocolate. Our sugar free and no sugar added chocolate bars cost under $27 dollars and come in packs of 15.

But our chocolate doesn’t stop there. Maybe you’re craving something a little more decadent than a chocolate bar, well we’ve got your covered. Our store ranges from unbelievably sugar free truffles to chocolate covered almonds. We’ve also got chocolate bites, for when you need a little pick me up.

You can add any of our unbelievably sugar free products to diabetic chocolate recipes. In fact, check out our Instagram and previous blog posts to see what amazing creations Amber Lyn and its fans have concocted. Try switching out store bought chocolate chips for our chocolate bars, bites, or better yet, our sugar free baking chocolate for a killer, guilt free alternative.

Amber Lyn is the best diabetic chocolate on the market. We promise, you’re gonna love it!