If you have diabetes or another medical condition with dietary restrictions you know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a chocolate treat. For people like Jim who is pre-diabetic but also loves chocolate, it’s often frustrating while shopping at the grocery store and having to look the other way while walking past the chocolate aisle.

Fortunately your days of chocolate deprivation are over! Amber Lyn is proud to announce that our entire selection of treats is made up of no sugar added chocolate!

Our recipes were created with your health at heart. We use only natural ingredients, and none of the fillers, waxes, or artificial sweeteners you would find in other treats labeled as no sugar added chocolate.

What’s our secret? It’s simple! We start off every batch of our no sugar added chocolate with naturally indulgent Belgian chocolate. That gives every bite the velvety smooth texture you crave. Then we add a delicious blend of ingredients unique to every recipe. And when it comes to sweeteners, we use the natural sweetener maltitol. It’s just about as sweet sugar but lower in calories, lower in carbs, and safe for consumption by diabetics!

The best part about our chocolate is its safe to share, unless you don’t want to! Our no sugar added chocolate treats are perfect for taking to your next big event, birthday party, or a night in with the family. Since we formulated our chocolate to be safe for everyone (barring food allergies*) who is committed to a healthy lifestyle, Amber Lyn no sugar added chocolate is great for sharing!

When your sweet tooth starts calling and those chocolate cravings hit, enjoy a piece of Amber Lyn no sugar added chocolate! It’s the only naturally tasty chocolate that you can truly savor without a moment of guilt!