Everyone likes chocolate, right?

Of course, and if it weren’t full of sugar it would be even better, right?


But replacements for the sweet desire of our sweet tooths (sugar), don’t taste very good, right? Wrong!

Eating healthy isn’t always a synonym for eating nasty miniature trees (lookin’ at you, broccoli), or other such foods, and our chocolate here at Amber Lyn proves it. So don’t worry, guilty pleasures and indulgences of chocolatey goodness will never be guilty again!

I know many of you are probably thinking, “That’s amazing! Can it be true? If so, then how?”

The answer is simple, its because of the things that are in it. Regular chocolate is made with lots of sugar, no spice, and it’s definitely not nice... for our health anyway. The chocolates made here at Amber Lyn don’t have sugar, and they’re more than just nice, thanks to your friendly neighborhood maltitol. Pardon? What the cocoa beans is maltitol? Well, let’s find out.

Maltitol is the sugar substitute used by Amber Lyn, but what’s so good about it? There are three main reasons for it’s greatness. First off, it actually tastes like sugar! It is 90% as sweet as sugar, and it’s also a lot healthier with only half the calories. And maltitol also gives a creaminess to food, that is often used to replace fats. So dieters welcome, come one, come all! Amber Lyn can free you from your stay at stale jail. It’s the best of both worlds.

Secondly, maltitol is good for diabetics. The reason for this is because it’s absorbed into the blood at a slower rate, meaning it doesn’t spike the glucose levels, and mess with insulin production unlike normal sugar.

Thirdly, maltitol resists tooth decay, meaning your pearly whites will stay white and not turn yellow, or black, or any other unhealthy color you can think of. That means less visits to the dentists office and more money you’ll have to spend on more things you want like...more Amber Lyn chocolates!

With all these great features is it any wonder that maltitol is the sweetener of choice at Amber Lyn. If you could have some of the world’s finest Belgian chocolate, and have it be sugar free, why wouldn’t you? Amber Lyn chocolates are both healthy and tasty, providing everyone with guiltless, yet amazing treats.