Amber Lyn Story

The year was 1999 and our search had taken us around the globe. The quest finally ended in Belgium, home of the world’s most renowned chocolate makers. There we found a uniquely formulated chocolate that met our demanding requirements. Crafted from meticulously selected cocoa beans roasted to perfection. Amber Lyn Chocolate is rich, smooth and pure. It contains no fillers, no waxes, no substitute oils and no preservatives. We combine it with the finest natural flavors, extracts and wholesome inclusions to create inspired chocolate confections that contain all the health benefits associated with chocolate – and they are sugar free (our dark chocolate that is, milk chocolate is no sugar added). Amber Lyn Chocolate tastes so good we guarantee that you won’t be able to tell.

Since that day in 1999, Amber Lyn has been satisfying the cravings of chocolate lovers across the USA and abroad who want to live a healthy lifestyle. And now, Amber Lyn is proud to present Gourmet Truffles. These indulgent but sensible treats are made with our famous Belgian chocolate combined with velvety rich, melt-in-your-mouth centers. Each delectable morsel will leave you wondering, “How could this be sugar free?”

In fact, we are so confident in love at first bite that we’ll refund your purchase if you’re not satisfied.

What our Chocolate is Made With

Amber Lyn chocolate is made from the highest quality Belgian chocolate, which is why we can say that we have the best diabetic chocolate. Our Belgian chocolate is sugar free, completely natural (containing nothing artificial), and hands down the best quality, diabetic friendly chocolate you will find.

So where did Belgian chocolate come from and why is it the best chocolate on the market? Well, let’s travel back in time 2,000 years ago. The cacao tree was growing in abundance in the deep jungles of South America. The tree produced large pods that, when cracked open, contained dark seeds which had a unique flavor. The Maya and other ancient South American societies discovered that when the seeds were dried, ground and then mixed with other spices they could create amazing tasting drinks – in other words, hot chocolate.

The Maya lived a great long life, and then the Spanish showed up in the 1500s led by Cortez. The Spanish went home with cacao beans and a new drink for the Spanish royal court. From there, chocolate spread across Europe, and people weren’t satisfied just creating a simple drink from the seeds, and began creating new recipes.

In the 17th century, the Spanish were in control of Belgium, and therefore, chocolate was brought to the territory. After Belgium became it’s own independence country, King Leopold II acquired a Congo Free State and since the cacao trees thrive in areas located near the equator, this allowed him access to unlimited cacao seeds.

Belgians take chocolate incredibly serious. In fact, 35% of the chocolate product must be cocoa content to be considered Belgian chocolate. Any chocolate containing less than 20% is considered “imitation.” Basically, Belgian chocolate is the highest quality chocolate you’re going to find on the market because of their high standards. The Belgians took the South American treat and turned it into pure heavenly bliss.

So, what’s our chocolate made from? Naturally it’s from the best Belgian chocolate we could find. Not only did we find our way to Belgium in order to create the best sugar free diabetic chocolate on the market, but we scoured the region to find the best of the best Belgian chocolate. And if you check with any of our consumers, they’ll tell you that we’ve done just that.

What is Maltitol and How Does it Make the Best Diabetic Chocolate?

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols are one molecule away from sugars and alcohols, but are technically neither. Maltitol is a common sugar substitute and has about a 1:1 sweetness ratio to sugar.

Maltitol has fewer calories than sugar, about 2.1 calories per gram versus sugars 4 calories. Maltitol can be found in a variety of products such as jams, gums, and candies like the best diabetic chocolate, Amber Lyn.

Maltitol, like any food, has a few downfalls. If you eat too much maltitol, it can cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea, however this more often happens when individuals consume more than the recommended daily dose.

So why is maltitol a great choice for creating diabetic chocolate? With a lot of sugar substitutes out there, why did Amber Lyn decide on maltitol? Amber Lyn chose maltitol because of its sugar like sweetness. Like we stated above, maltitol has a nearly 1:1 sweetness ratio to sugar. This makes it perfect for our diabetic chocolate. You get all the sweetness of quality Belgian chocolate without the added calories.

Speaking of calories, maltitol has about 68% fewer calories than sugar does. Sugar has about 4 calories per gram, where maltitol has 2.4 grams. Where maltitol is low in calories, it isn’t low in carbs, but don’t fret! It’s low in net carbs. Net carbs are the total number of carbs of the food minus the fiber content and sugar alcohol. This remaining number is considered the “net carb” and is what actually impacts your blood sugar. Amber Lyn chocolate is low net carb and therefore perfect for diabetics.

Maltitol is made from wheat, however it’s gluten free. This is because during the extraction of the sweetener the starch is washed out, which leaves the extract gluten free. Foods containing less than twenty ppm are considered gluten free, Amber Lyn has independent testing done every six months, which confirms our chocolate contains less than ten ppm. Our only products that aren’t gluten free are our chocolate covered pretzels.

Maltitol is also low on the glycemic index. Maltitol has a 35 on the GI, where foods under 55 are considered low. “Low-GI diets have been associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke depression, chronic kidney disease, formation of gallstones, neural tube defects, formation of uterine fibroids and cancers of the breast, colon, prostate, and pancreas” (

Amber Lyn uses maltitol because we want our chocolate to be the best tasting, which maltitol can provide, and on top of it sweetening our chocolate to perfection, it also leaves no aftertaste, which many sugar alcohols can leave.

What Makes it Diabetic Safe

Amber Lyn knew there was a need for quality sugar free chocolate on the market. The options that were available were disappointing. So the Amber Lyn mission was to bring a little joy to life by making incredibly good healthy lifestyle chocolate. And we believe we’ve succeeded in doing so. Don’t believe us, head over to any of our products and read the amazing customer reviews.

Amber Lyn chocolate allows you to cut down on carb and reduce sugar in your diet without giving up chocolate. There are no artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients of any kind. This means that you can enjoy Amber Lyn chocolate every day without compromising your health goals, just remember, everything in moderation.

Amber Lyn chocolates are either no sugar added (milk chocolate) or sugar free. Which means they won’t spike your blood sugar levels. We know what you’re thinking? Sugar free chocolate? No, thank you. However, we dare you to give it a try and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Like we said above, Amber Lyn uses maltitol as a sweetener. This makes the chocolate low in net carbs, reduced in calories, and wonderfully sweet. These are qualities many of us look for in any of our foods, let alone in something as pivotal to life as chocolate.

Because our chocolate is sweetened with maltitol, it is sweetened to perfection. This allows diabetics to enjoy chocolate like they never had to worry about their blood sugar to begin with. Amber Lyn chocolates changes the quality of life for diabetics by giving them back the freedom to enjoy sweets.

A normal blood sugar level is less than 100 mg/dL after not eating for 8 hours and less than 140 mg/dL about 2 hours after eating. Before a person eats, their blood sugar is anywhere between 60 and 90 mg/dL, but generally in the 70-80 range. Generally, depending upon your weight, your blood sugar levels will react differently. For instance, for every 1 gram of pure glucose that is consumed a 200 lb individual will spike 3 points, a 150 lb individual will spike 4 points, and a 100 lb individual will spike 5 points. So if a 100 lb individual eats something that contains 10 grams of glucose, they could spike their blood sugar 50 points! With Amber Lyn Chocolates you won’t have to worry about spiking your blood sugar. Plus our chocolates are low net carbs, which also keep from spiking your blood sugar. It’s a win-win.

Often people believe that they have to give up or restrict their intake of chocolate. But now, with Amber Lyn Chocolate, there’s no restricting anyone’s enjoyment. With Amber Lyn’s wide range of products, you’ll never be without ingredients for any recipe, a bite of chocolate ready to be munched, or a handful of almonds to enjoy.

How to Eat and Use Our Chocolate

Have you visited our store? It contains a diverse selection for any of your chocolate needs. We have dark, milk, and white baking chocolate available, so you don’t have to give up baking your favorite recipes. Not only do we have baking chocolate available for you, but any of our chocolate bars can be used in any baking recipe as well, giving you flavored options. Not only does it give you different flavored options, but you won’t have to purchase additional baking chocolate, use some of those unbelievably sugar free bars you’ve got stashed away.

Add a surprise to your cupcakes by placing one of our sugar free truffles in the middle and create a mini lava cake effect.  Chop up the sugar free almonds and throw them into brownie recipes, muffins, cakes, or anything else your heart desires.

Don't just bake with our chocolate.  Any and all of our chocolates can be enjoyed whenever you're feeling peckish.  Grab a baking chocolate disk when you just need something sweet to get you through the day.  If you want something a bit more decadent, reach for one of our unbelievably sugar free truffles or chocolate bites.  Always the perfect size for curbing your cravings.  

Need something more powerful?  Don't get caught binging on truffles.  Instead try one of our milk, dark, or white chocolate bars.  Our milk and dark chocolate bars come with or without nuts and in a variety of flavors.  

Be sure to check out our other blogs for amazing recipes featuring the best diabetic chocolate around and visit our online store to grab yourself some unbelievably sugar free chocolate.