Diabetic Chcololate


So Good...It's Unbelievably Sugar Free!

The secret to our incredibly good diabetic chocolate is...well, it’s a secret. No, not really, but it is simple. We use only the finest quality natural ingredients from exotic places like Africa, South America, and Belgium. There are no fillers, preservatives, or substitute oils. And an important part of our award-winning diabetic chocolate recipe is the sweetener.

Maltitol is the sweetener used in Amber Lyn diabetic chocolate. It is a reduced calorie and reduced carbohydrate sweetener that has 90% the sweetness of sugar. Maltitol is a member of a family of sweeteners known as sugar alcohols or polyols.

Most of the Maltitol used to sweeten other diabetic chocolate is derived from corn, but ours comes from wheat. Our observation is that wheat based Maltitol may reduce the mild laxative effect that is sometimes experienced after excessive consumption. And, it’s gluten-free.

While Amber Lyn chocolate confections have proven a godsend for diabetics and others who must limit their intake of carbohydrates, it’s not just for diabetics. Our diabetic chocolate is the perfect chocolate for anyone who loves chocolate but wants a healthier lifestyle. Amber Lyn products are much more than diabetic chocolate and we guarantee you won’t be able to tell that it has had no sugar added.