Low Net Carb


There is an important difference between total carbohydrates and low net carbohydrates (carbs). That difference is known as non-impact carbs or carbs that are not actually absorbed or digested by the body. The whole idea of eating carb-controlled foods is to keep blood glucose from spiking upward. In calculating the carbs that the body will actually digest, fiber and sugar polyols, like maltitol, are subtracted from the total to arrive at net carbs. For instance, a 1.2 ounce Amber Lyn Dark Chocolate Bar contains 19 total carbs. From those, 2 grams of fiber carbs and 15 grams of maltitol are subtracted, resulting in 2 net carbs. Counting net carbs works for those with normal blood chemistry and even for those with type II diabetes. Type I diabetics must account for all carbs.