Original Milk Chocolate Bars - No Sugar Added, Gluten Free (15pc)

Original Milk Chocolate Bars - No Sugar Added, Gluten Free (15pc)


We use only the finest quality Belgian Chocolate with 36% cacao content to make our popular No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Bars. This little bit of chocolate heaven contains no added sugar.

Each box contains 15 No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Bars.

Ingredients: Maltitol (from wheat, but gluten free), Cocoa Butter, Cream (Milk), Cocoa Mass, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla

Serving Size:  1 bar
Number of Servings Per Container:  15 bars

Allergens:  Contains Milk, Soy
*Produced in a facility that manufactures milk, nuts*

The wheat has been processed to allow this food to meet the FDA requirements for gluten free foods


Customer Reviews 30 item(s)

These bars are amazing, finally a low sugar chocolate that tastes good! Where have you been?
Review by Dave R / (Posted on 4/8/2017)
Great Mother-in-law Gift
My mother-in-law is diabetic and so, upon the recommendation of my parents, we bought her a supply of the no sugar added milk chocolate bars. She loved them at first bite. Now she expects these for Christmas and her birthday and we are happy to oblige.
Review by / (Posted on 12/13/2016)
great low carb chocolate
I've been doing the low carb diet and these bers help with cravings.
Review by Dave / (Posted on 11/7/2016)
Best Chocolate
I just love this candy and as a diabetic it does not effect my glucose that much.
Review by / (Posted on 5/25/2016)
Great Chocolate
This chocolate is some of the best out there for diabetics. We send a box of this to my mother-in-law in Florida every now and then. She loves it! Her diet is very restrictive and this is a nice treat to be able to give her.
Review by / (Posted on 5/13/2016)
Love it!
Best sugar-free chocolate out there!
Review by / (Posted on 4/28/2016)
Milk Chocolate Bars--No Sweet Added
Best no sugar added Milk Chocolate Bars I've had. I have shared them with friends and we all love them. Will order again.
Review by Sue Smith / (Posted on 4/28/2016)
Good product
My husband loves milk chocolate but doesn't want a lot of sugar. These are really good and no refined sugar!
Review by / (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Can't be beat
These chocolates are the best. I do find I only purchase them when advertised at discount, one for the saving and the otherI introduce others to this product. Being a diabetic the chocolates meet my requirements.
Review by Bob Taylor / (Posted on 2/16/2016)
You would never guess it's sugar-free
I havent had sugar in over 12 years and this is by far the best chocolate I've had ever. It's fine, rich and creamy, you forget it is no sugar added
Review by / (Posted on 1/2/2016)
A dream come true
As a hypoglycemic, I've had to give up my favorite treat- chocolate! Thanks to Amberlyn, I can now enjoy the smooth, creamy taste of milk chocolate without worrying about my blood sugar dropping. Ahh... heaven!
Review by Anne Marie / (Posted on 12/8/2015)
A dream come true
As a hypoglycemic, I've had to give up my favorite treat- chocolate! Thanks to Amberlyn, I can now enjoy the smooth, creamy taste of milk chocolate without worrying about my blood sugar dropping. Ahh... heaven!
Review by Anne Marie / (Posted on 12/8/2015)
Feed that sweet tooth
I buy these for my 85 year old mother. She is diabetic, and giving up chocolate was the hardest thing for her. She is like a kid in a candy shop now. Since I buy an assortment for her she is always assured of a tasty treat when she wants one. My only problem is buying enough to keep her stocked up.
Review by Kathy Swink / (Posted on 6/29/2015)
amazing chocolate!
This chocolate is amazing. I have a food intolerance to sugar and these definitely help satisfy my sweet tooth. Great flavor and reasonable cost
Review by chris / (Posted on 4/9/2015)
the best
My sister bought these for me at Costco when she found out I was diabetic.hands down the best thing out for somebody who has a sweet tooth and is diabetic keep up the good work amber Lynn!!!!!!!
Review by / (Posted on 3/3/2015)
Best Belgian Chocolate Ever!
When I gave up sugar in my twenties... the search began for a sugar free chocolate that would suffice. Though I found a few that were okay... it wasn't until a couple years ago at Costco that I found Amberlyn. Heaven, and I have been hooked ever since. It doesn't get any better than this. :)
Review by Dani Heart / (Posted on 1/24/2015)
I tried these at costco and have been ording them ever sence
I tried thes at Costco and found them very good for a no sugar added candy bar,I'm a diabetic and they are great.I have been ording them for about 3 years I just recived my order .
Review by / (Posted on 1/15/2015)
Best Belgian Chocolate Ever!
I discovered this chocolate at Costco and there's just no going back. It's the best. It's the only sugar free chocolate I have ever had that tastes like the real thing. Yummm
Review by Dani Heart / (Posted on 1/4/2015)
I order this for my mother-in-law a couple of times a year. She's diabetic and this chocolate is a delicious treat for her. She loves it! I have tried it as well and it is very good chocolate; I am very picky when it comes to chocolate. We have never had any problem with the service either. They are polite and they ship in a timely manner, even to Florida.
Review by Paula C. / (Posted on 12/1/2014)
Wonderful Product
I purchased Amber Lyn chocolate for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised.as a diabetic 2 I have finally found a product that I can eat and enjoy in moderation without the fear of spiking my glucose levels.I will most certainly order again. I highly recommend Amber Lynn products for people with diabetesand people who just want to reduce their sugar intake for a healthier lifestyle
Review by / (Posted on 11/4/2014)
I am diabetic and have to watch my sugar intake.
Wow, these chocolate bars are really good and I plan on buying them again in the very near future.
Review by Robert Walters / (Posted on 10/29/2014)
Wonderful Chocolate
This chocolate is the finest I have ever tasted. Can't believe it is sugar free.
Review by Thomas Doyle / (Posted on 10/22/2014)
best chocalate ever tasted
So glad we found something that tastes gteat. My mom being diabetic is so grateful.
Review by Laura / (Posted on 9/17/2014)
Creamy Decadence
Rich, luscious, melts in your mouth. I eat it slowly and savor each delicious bite.
Review by / (Posted on 9/9/2014)
great chocolate
love these chocolate bars. they are smooth and creamy. if I did not know better would never guess they were sugar free
Review by / (Posted on 8/26/2014)
Original Milk Chocolate Bars(sugar free)
These bars are La-licious!!!!
Review by Karen A. Yates / (Posted on 7/16/2014)
We learned about these products at a roadshow at Costco. They quality of the chocolate is wonderful. Very creamy and no funny "after taste".
Review by / (Posted on 7/14/2014)
Love it!!!
Review by Monica Plaut / (Posted on 2/7/2014)
The best milk chocolate I have eaten
You would never guess this is a sugar free product. I will never buy anything else. I kept missing the Costco travel shows waiting for Amberlyn, so grateful I found them online!
Review by / (Posted on 11/20/2013)
Best sugar-free chocolate anywhere!
These are the best! They are a diabetic's dream come true for that special treat without the carbs. Love how you can mix and match your own flavors if you choose to do so. Thank you!!!
Review by / (Posted on 11/4/2013)
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