Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars (15 pc)

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars (15 pc)


The original and still unequaled sugar free dark chocolate bar.  Lovingly made with imported Belgian Chocolate. So full-flavored and luscious we guarantee you won’t be able to tell that it’s sugar free.

Ingredients:  Unsweetened Chocolate, Maltitol (wheat), Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla.

Serving Size:  1 bar
Number of Servings Per Container:  15 bars

Allergens:  Contains Soy
*Produced in a facility that manufactures milk, nuts*

The wheat has been processed to allow this food to meet the FDA requirements for gluten free foods.


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Dark Chocolate
I love these dark chocolate bar's. They have "NO DAIRY" it's great for people with allergies. To make it even better.... NO SUGAR!
Review by / (Posted on 12/30/2016)
Amber Lyn sugar free dark chocolate is excellent
My husband and I both gave up sugar years ago, and are always interested in finding new chocolate treats to satisfy our sweet tooth. Amber Lyn chocolates do just that. Not chalky or odd-tasting. I don't think many people would realize it is sugar free. Truly a wonderful treat.
Review by / (Posted on 12/19/2016)
yummy dark chocolate guilt free bars
I have ordered these bars in the past. They have an excellent taste and am especially impressed that the method used to make these bars is free of sugar cane or any chemical sugar. I highly recommend. However the packing left a lot to be desired. Ordered also a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels. The chocolate bar box is flimsy and heavy. The packing box did not have much packing inside and the chocolate bar box was partially open and the bars were jumbled. I also ordered chocolate covered pretzels that are in a Cel phase box. Because of so much rattling around the pretzels were pretty broken up. That was a disappointment. Would recommend you not order anything else if ordering bars.
Review by Jody / (Posted on 12/9/2016)
Great chocolate bar!
Review by / (Posted on 12/7/2016)
sweet tooth fixed
I love the product, in fact all the dark chocolates. I am on a reduced sugar regimen, so they help satisfy my sweet tooth. I miss being able to buy them at Costco here in Colorado
Review by / (Posted on 7/12/2016)
Excellent dark chocolate
Great sugar-free chocolate with minimal/no side-effects. I usually order several boxes at a time and I was disappointed this time that the boxes were not shrink wrapped to help preserve freshness as they had been in the past. Otherwise, the chocolate has so far been great.
Review by / (Posted on 4/24/2016)
now thats good stuff!!
Hands down the best sugar free dark chocolate on the market - nothing even comes close. Bye-Bye Hersheys, hello Amber Lyn
Review by Allen R. / (Posted on 4/18/2016)
'sugar free' is good, maltitol-free would be better
Excellent chocolate texture and flavor.
While i much prefer maltitol over stevia or artificial sweeteners, not all sugar-alcohols are created equal, Maltitol can contribute to gastro-intestinal upset (bloating nausea, gas,) and has no desirable metabolic characteristics). Xylitol is better tolerated on a gram-per-gram basis and protects against dental caries. Yes, the cost of goods for xylitol is higher, but at about 1 cent per bar, really? C'mon guys. Let's make this a health food, not a less unhealthy food.
Review by steve phinney md, phd / (Posted on 3/15/2016)
Great tast; good for you
When we discovered this product we were hooked. Dark chocolate is good for you, but not the sugar. Viola, sugar-free dark chocolate.
Review by / (Posted on 2/3/2016)
Deliciously surprised!
I got these to try and satisfy a strong sweet tooth more healthily and I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised. Nothing about these chocolate bars tastes like they are sugar-free. I never would have known if I hadn't ordered them myself! I highly recommend these to anyone wanting to be a little cautious with their sugar intake- which should be anyone!
Review by Stephanie / (Posted on 1/21/2016)
Sugar free Dark Chocolate Bars are FANTABULOUS!
My husband is a true Choca-holic; however, he has worked hard to maintain a healthy weight & lifestyle. Until he tried a sample of Amber Lyn at Costco during a promotion...he had to satisfy his craving with 1 dark chocolate Hershey Kiss...He was instantly in Love after sampling Amber Lyn.. He bought a box of bars during the promotion. He can now enjoy his guilty pleasure without the guilt. I have re-ordered from Amber Lyn several times to be sure we always have his (2nd favorite) indulgence on hand at home.
Review by Cathy Day / (Posted on 1/20/2016)
Very Good
A must try.
Review by / (Posted on 12/9/2015)
Delicious & Satisfying
Thank you also for the extra surprise samples enclosed in my recent order
Review by / (Posted on 12/8/2015)
Superb flavor and Diabetic friendly!
My wife is diabetic and is restricted in her diet in many ways. When we happened on Amber Lyn dark chocolate using malitol, she was ecstatic. We both love good chocolate and Amber Lyn is at the top in any category! Thanks for making high quality, delicious (and diabetic-friendly)chocolate!
Review by / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Phenomenal chocolate bars
This delicious chocolate allows us to include our child in school, church, and scout activities that include sweets. It is delicious and every teacher and adult that "try's" a bite loves it and can't believe it is sugar free.
Review by Loving Amberlyn in Vegas / (Posted on 10/19/2015)
Yummy Yummy
This dark chocolate is yummy, creamy and a feel good healthy sweet
Review by momma bear / (Posted on 10/12/2015)
Best dark chocolate
This is the best tasting chocolate for a sugar free product that I have tasted and enjoy.
Review by / (Posted on 9/7/2015)
Dark Chocolate Bars

great chocolate bars.
Review by / (Posted on 7/21/2015)
The best sugar free chocolate.
I tried many different kinds of sugar free chocolates. This is the best. I ordered those many times. Great service, packaging, fast delivery.
Review by Angelina / (Posted on 5/13/2015)
Best chocolate ever
Sugar free has no impact on the taste of this chocolate. It means we can enjoy without guilt or health concerns.
Review by Carrie / (Posted on 4/28/2015)
The most fantastic chocolate I've ever tasted.
What can I say! I've looked for this a whole lifetime. It just doesn't come any better.
Review by Bill Rindone / (Posted on 4/27/2015)
Awesome chocolate bar!
It's delicious, satisfying and uplifting, yet it doesn't give you the sugar rush because it's sugar-free. It's perfectly sweetened.
Review by / (Posted on 4/15/2015)
Love dark chocolate
Great product
Review by / (Posted on 3/26/2015)
Great Chocolates
I'm a diabetic and love these chocolates. Dark chocolates are the best. I can eat one a day and it has no significant impact on my blood sugars, plus I get to enjoy the benefits of dark chocolate.
Review by Carl P. / (Posted on 3/23/2015)
Sugar Free Never Tasted this Good!
These dark chocolate sugar-free bars have become a regular treat at our house. The chocolate is delicious and satisfying - without the sugar and carbs that most chocolates contain. This is the only chocolate we buy anymore.
Review by / (Posted on 1/27/2015)
Eat healthy and indulge in fabulous dark chocolate
I first tasted this healthy no-sugar dark chocolate at Costco. I was so impressed with the smooth delectable taste I immediately bought a box trying each the dark chocolate bar flavors. Hands down the plain dark chocolate no sugar bar is by far my absolute favorite. Just keep it simple!! The very best part besides taste is the high coca content for health and no sugar, yet it is not at all bitter which in my opinion is the best of both worlds. I ordered a larger box of bars direct from Amberlyn. If I could have one wish, it would be for Costco to carry these bars. They carry the bites but it does not have the high percentage of cocoa. They are good, but why not have health and good taste?
Review by Jody Jones / (Posted on 1/20/2015)
Smoth a Silk
Dark, rich, melting smoothness and completely satisfying. A couple of sections give me a true chocolate "fix."
Review by / (Posted on 1/14/2015)
Best ever!
Review by / (Posted on 1/9/2015)
Chocolate Lover's Dream
I tried your chocolate at a Costco in Portland, and loved it. The flavor is great and I ration small pieces with some red wine as a treat. Great dark chocolate and sugar free with great taste!
Review by / (Posted on 12/1/2014)
My diabetic mother loves these!
We had a hard time controlling my mother's blood sugar after over 15 years on oral meds, and she had to go on insulin. Still really craved candy and would sneak Dove bars and hit 400-500. Now she can have one of these every day and still have a good stable blood sugar.
Review by / (Posted on 11/3/2014)
Love the product; but, .....
Love these chocolate bars; but, really miss the ability to build my own assortment box. Whatever efficiency expert did away with THAT feature missed the boat!
Review by John C / (Posted on 10/28/2014)
Simple, but the best
If you want the essence of dark chocolate without the enhancemant of nuts or flavoring, this is perfect
Review by Joe Davi / (Posted on 10/27/2014)
Melt-in-your-mouth, rich dark chocolate and it's SUGAR FREE!
These are the richest, smoothest, best tasting SUGAR FREE chocolates on the market…period!

I have hypoglycemia and love chocolate. Now I can feed my craving without suffering a sugar crash!

Thank you Amber Lyn!!!
Review by Diane / (Posted on 10/22/2014)
Best ever dark chocolate
It is pretty unbelievable that this chocolate is so good while sugar free with low calories. It is my special treat for the end of my evening.
Review by Sandy Shipley / (Posted on 10/13/2014)
Best Sugar Free Low Carb Chocolate for Diabetics
My husband is a Type1 Diabetic. Amberlyn has allowed him the pleasure of once again enjoying a delicious chocolate bar and that is low in net carbs. Thanks Amberlyn!!
Review by / (Posted on 8/18/2014)
the best chocolate I have ever had
My friend is a Dentist and they give your chocolates to the new patients. I tried some for them to give them my opinion. I was blown away I couldn't believe it was sugar free
Review by / (Posted on 8/11/2014)
I love dark chocolate. Despite being sugar free, AmberLyn dark chocolate is as tasty as any I have ever had. I will definitely continue to feed my chocolate habit with AmberLyn!
Review by / (Posted on 8/5/2014)
Dark chocolate.
Review by / (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Chocolate for kids
My kids love chocolates. These are the best chocolate they had ever tasted!
Review by / (Posted on 6/9/2014)
Superior grade chocolate
My husband and I first tried AmberLyn chocolate at a Costco display, presentation and tasting. We bought a box of bars that day. We both consider your chocolate the best healthy candy we have found.
Review by Sandra Atkinson / (Posted on 5/20/2014)
The Best for Diabetis and Celiac Disease
What a wonderful chocolate for a diabetic or celiac diet. Great Product - We love it!
Review by Sharon Bennett / (Posted on 5/13/2014)
Great for our son with dairy allergy
We have a son who has dairy (and egg and nut) allergies and this chocolate is FANTASTIC. He loves it! As do I, as much as any milk chocolate that I have ever eaten.
Review by Andre / (Posted on 2/20/2014)
Great to have a chocolate bar with no guilt
Review by brenda / (Posted on 2/18/2014)
Love them!
Amazing that a candy designed to meet the needs of a diabetic, addressing the sugar, carbs and glutten restrictions of diabetics, can be so good! The flavor and texture are as good as any regular fine chocolates.
Review by Joan Obie / (Posted on 2/17/2014)
The dark chocolate was exactly what I needed on my low-carb diet! It tastes even better than sugar packed chocolate.
Review by / (Posted on 2/11/2014)
Simply Amazing - Its as good as it gets.
It is hard to tell any differences between this chocolate bar compared to any quality "sugar" chocolate bar. Amazing taste
Review by Pol / (Posted on 2/6/2014)
Best sugar free chocolate ever!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't usually do reviews, but I think I owe it to ones who are not sure.
Ive been doing sugar free since 70s I never found anything like this.
Really no aftertaste. I don't feel like I'm eating sugar free chocolate.
Did a test at store I was hooked, couldn't fined it again in store, so I order it.
There are other website you can get it from but "Amberlyn" gives just as good of deal if not better.
Review by / (Posted on 2/2/2014)
Dark chocolate.
Excellent dark chocolate. I imbibe it on a daily basis.
Review by Frank Van Orden / (Posted on 1/29/2014)
The best chocolate, ever.
These are delicious and very addicting. I love them.
Review by / (Posted on 1/27/2014)
Amber Lyn, The Sweet Treat
Best tasting, smooth textured, sugar-free chocolate bar ever! Mouthwatering delight!
Review by Trojanira / (Posted on 1/17/2014)
Not a big fan of Dark Chocolate but...
I gotta admit that Amber Lyn has got it right.

I've never been a big fan of Dark Chocolate, I'm a Milk Chocolate kind of guy. :-)

But if I'm gonna have some dark chocolate, it has to be Amber Lyn! It's the first dark chocolate that I've truly LOVED. And the funny thing is that my wife is crazy for it too. I say funny thing because my wife isn't into sweets, but she loves these chocolates.

So Kudos to Amber Lyn for making the best Dark Chocolate in the world!

Now, let me also say that your Milk Chocolate is quite simply heavenly! I love your dark chocolate and I go wild for your milk chocolate! :-)

Take care guys and I wish you every success you deserve.


Jaime Ojeda
San Diego, CA
Review by Jaime Ojeda / (Posted on 12/19/2013)
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar
This is delicious. I can eat chocolate now since this is a sugar free product.
Review by LW / (Posted on 12/18/2013)
So Good and Satisfying
Almost every day I need something to satisfy my sweet desire. So I pinch off a piece of dark chocolate bar. When friends and family come over I share with them as well.

Thank you so much :>)
Review by / (Posted on 12/11/2013)
A delightful stimulant
The answer to four-thirty in the afternoon is this excellent chocolate.
Review by / (Posted on 11/8/2013)
BEST sugar-free product
this product allows my husband to get his chocolate fix while on a sugar-free diet... GREAT BUY!
Review by / (Posted on 11/6/2013)
This is an excellent product and truly has old world flavor. The texture is very nice, the bar is firm but melts in your mouth.
Review by Rex / (Posted on 10/16/2013)
The bars are HEAVEN!
Review by Robin / (Posted on 3/12/2013)
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