The quest for a more healthy but great tasting low-carb chocolate led to the birth of Amber Lyn Chocolates in 1999. It all started with a passion for chocolate. Thats how The Cacao Group was formed.

The Cacao Group was born in May of 2012 when DK Truffles and Amber Lyn Chocolates merged to form a new entity focused on creating the highest quality chocolate confections. The union of these two companies brings to bear over 40 years of confectionery experience.

The company’s products are sold all over the United States and exported to Australia, China, Japan and the Philippines. It’s brands include Amber Lyn Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate, Cold Stone Chocolate, Crev, Utah Truffles and a host of private labels. Manufacturing facilities are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The search for an unbelievably sugar free, gluten free, low carb chocolate led to Belgium, the center of the chocolate universe. There we found the object of our quest: pure ,high quality chocolate with no fillers or preservatives. It was rich, smooth and high in healthy antioxidants. It was sugar free– but didn’t taste that way. It was also lower in calories, lower in carbohydrates and contained no gluten.

Amber Lyn Chocolates has established itself as the preferred source of sugar-free and no sugar added chocolate for thousands of devoted chocolate lovers from across the USA and abroad.

Amber Lyn Chocolates Today

Since those early days of making chocolate out of a basement, Amber Lyn has satisfied the chocolate cravings of thousands of loyal customers in the USA and abroad. Some of them have health concerns such as Diabetes or Celiac Disease. Many more just want great chocolate to be a part of a healthier lifestyle.

Amber Lyn Chocolates is on the move, introducing new products and opening new channels of distribution. If you want chocolate that can be part of a healthy lifestyle and yet tastes better than any other chocolate you’ve eaten, Amber Lyn is for you.

At Amber Lyn, our mission is to bring a little joy to life by making incredibly great healthy lifestyle chocolate.

The following pages will help you get to know our company, our mission and our guarantee.