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If you’re one of those who believe that the words “sugar free” and “chocolate” don’t belong in the same sentence, then you’re in for delightful surprise

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If You Are Looking For The #1 Sugar Free Chocolate, You're In The Right Spot!

It’s time to BELIEVE that the words “SUGAR FREE” and “CHOCOLATE” belong in the same sentence because we’ve CREATED IT!

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The #1 Sugar Free Chocolate

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The Benefits of Our Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate

All of our chocolate comes directly from the source of great choclatiers. You will enjoy each bite of our belgian chocolate

No Added Sugar

We don’t add any sugar to our Milk Choclate bars from Amber Lyn Chocolates. Great taste without the added sugar.

Low Carb Chocolate

Amber Lyn is carb controlled chocolate. That is to say that it contains very low net carbs. Net carbohydrates are those that the body actually absorbs.